Amor Township

Established April 5, 1879

Monthly Meetings at the Town Hall are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Amor Township Minutes for

May 13, 2020

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Kerry Baumgartner. Others in attendance were Supervisor Mike Holstrom, Supervisor Eric Roberts, Clerk Brenda Hildebrand, Treasurer Lori Holmgren, John Christensen, Jeff Stabnow, and Bob Bjorgaard. Social Distancing was put in place and implemented. Clerk posted for teleconferencing due to Covid 19.

Pledge allegiance was recited.

Minutes were read and a motion was made by Roberts to accept, seconded by Holstrom and carried.

Treasurer’s report was given with a checkbook ending balance of $701,542.97. Holstrom made a motion to accept, seconded by Roberts and carried.

Baumgartner made a motion to approve and pay claims #4687-4704 and 2 automatic withdrawals. It was seconded by Roberts and carried.

A long discussion about dust control. Some residents were in favor and others declined. Holstrom made a motion to not apply it to Twin Lakes Rd due to the opposition from some of the property owners. Bob Bjorgaard was in favor of this if others weren’t willing to pay their share. Holstrom made the motion, Baumgartner seconded and carried.

Quote for Dust control was $.70/foot. Residents will pay .35/foot. Clerk has a list of residents that sent in letter requesting it and how many feet needed. It will be done as soon as possible.

Motion by Holstrom to accept quote $6,150.60 for the CMP Arch Pipe from TrueNorth Steel, Fargo, ND. The Arched culvert for Amor Township Drive Project. Seconded by Baumgartner and carried.

Christensen Construction will put in the culvert and a beaver grate. Quote from them at next month’s meeting. Jeff Stabnow and John Christensen will coordinate the delivery and completion of the project. Christensen Construction is also working on the road for Grand View Estates. They plan for it to be completed within the month.

Clerk asked the board to purchase a flagpole and a new Notice Bulletin Board for the Town Hall. The old one has cracked glass and is falling apart. Holstrom motioned to go ahead with both and to get a 30 ft. flagpole with solar light. Baumgartner seconded and carried.

With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.