Amor Township

Established April 5, 1879

Monthly Meetings at the Town Hall are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Amor Township Minutes

 For January 8, 2020

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Mike Holstrom. Others in attendance were Supervisor Kerry Baumgartner, Supervisor Eric Roberts, Clerk Brenda Hildebrand, Treasurer Lori Holmgren, John Christensen, Brad Nyberg, Jeff Stabnow, Mike Harms, and Jake Holmgren.

Pledge allegiance was recited.

Minutes were read and a motion was made by Baumgartner to accept, seconded by Roberts and carried.

Treasurer’s report was given with a checkbook ending balance of 760,235.96.  Roberts made a motion to accept, seconded by Baumgartner and carried.

Baumgartner made a motion to approve and pay claims #4599-4617, payroll and 2 automatic withdrawals. It was seconded by Roberts and carried.

Treasurer checked into QuickBooks for billings for the township. It is $250.00 for software and training on it from Cooper’s Computer Department in Fergus Falls. Motion by Roberts to go ahead with the purchase, seconded by Baumgartner and carried.

Treasurer will check on the sales tax that was added to the RDO bill.

Brad Nyberg of Nyberg Surveying present a plan for Mary Lundeen’s property. She would like to plot it off, build a road with a T- turn around and then make it a township road. Plans are on file with the clerk. Engineer Jeff Stabnow also recommended a T- turn around.  Motion to approve the plans with the T- turn around was made by Roberts, seconded by Baumgartner and carried. Clerk will send a letter with the unapproved minutes of this meeting. Approved Minutes

John Christensen gave the board some information on the culvert issues on Amor Township Dr. and other areas. There are oval culverts with grates that are easier to clean out. Clerk will contact Brian Fitz about trapping the beaver in the problem areas.

Jeff Stabnow gave information about implementing road policies for the township. He also will look over the culverts and get a plan of action for the spring.

Holstrom gave the fire report.  They have put 2 trucks up for bids for sale. ¾ ton truck, and the Ford water truck with the tank on it.

Clerk asked the Board to approve the election judge list for the primary and the March elections. Motion to approve all the judges that complete the training in February made by Holstrom, seconded by Baumgartner, and carried.

Clerk will send the letter of approval for the boring at Red Lantern Resort.

With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 8:21 pm.


Respectfully submitted by


Brenda Hildebrand,

Amor Township Clerk