Amor Township

Established April 5, 1879

Monthly Meetings at the Town Hall are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Amor Township Minutes For

April 12, 2017

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Val Dietz. In attendance were Supervisor Mike Holstrom, Clerk Brenda Hildebrand, Treasurer Lori Holmgren, Dave Holmgren, Crysta Hanson, Kerry Baumgartner, Jeff Stabnow and Walt Zelinsky of Lot Pros, LLC. Supervisor Eric Roberts was absent.

Pledge allegiance was recited.

Chairman Dietz called the meeting to order.

Minutes were read.  Motion to approve minutes made by Holstrom, seconded by Dietz and carried.

Treasurer’s report was given with a checkbook ending balance of $183,067.94.  Motion to approve made by Holstrom, seconded by Dietz and carried.

Chairman Dietz made a motion to approve claims #4018-4026 and 1 automatic withdrawal, check #4025 was voided due to a printer error. Motion was seconded by Holstrom and carried.

Crysta Hanson and Kerry Baumgartner asked the board about placing chloride on the gravel road by their properties. She had contacted other property owners about this. After some discussion, Holstrom made a motion to pay ½ of the cost up to 400 ft. per property owner. They must pay before the chloride is put down. The more people the cheaper the cost.  It was seconded by Dietz and carried.

Walt Zelinsky of Lot Pros, LLC. gave the board bids for crack sealing all the new asphalt before seal coating is done. The board approved the bid for $19,362.20. The cracks will be cut and then filled, this gives a better seal than just filling the crack. Motion was made by Holstrom, seconded by Dietz and carried.

Jeff Stabnow discussed the sealcoating needed and will get quotes for next month’s meeting.

Holstrom will call and get quotes for gravel.

Holstrom gave the fire report. The open house went well. They are looking into some used equipment.

Brenda Hildebrand gave a report on Amor Park. The cement picnic tables are in bad shape. She will get a price to replace them. The dock is in need of repair. She will contact B.J. Bleess and see if he can help repair it and make it stronger on the front for removal in the fall. Someone replaced the boards on the wooden steps down to the beach. She does not know who the good samaritan was.

The Clerk received another packet from the census. She will get it together and send it back.

With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 7:42pm.

Respectfully submitted by,

Brenda Hildebrand, Twp Clerk