Amor Township

Established April 5, 1879

Monthly Meetings at the Town Hall are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Amor Township Minutes For

April 11, 2018

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Eric Roberts. In attendance were Supervisor Mike Holstrom, Supervisor Kerry Baumgartner, Clerk Brenda Hildebrand, Treasurer Lori Holmgren, Dave Holmgren, , Jeff Stabnow, Walt Zelinsky from Lot Pros LLC., and Craig Seeman

Pledge allegiance was recited.

Minutes were read.  Correction to the votes for candidates, it should have been 32 not 34 votes cast for each candidate. Motion to approve minutes with correction made by Roberts, seconded by Holstrom and carried.

Treasurer’s report was given with a checkbook ending balance of $297,010.97.  Motion to approve made by Roberts, seconded by Holstrom and carried.

Supervisor Holstrom made a motion to approve claims and checks #4207-4229 and 4 automatic withdrawals; it was seconded by Roberts and carried.

Walt Zelinsky from Lot Pros., LLC gave a quote for crack sealing Eldorado Beach Road, east from the park to the dead end. It was missed last year. It will cost $5,200.00. Motion was made by Roberts to accept and have it done as soon as possible. It was seconded by Baumgartner and carried.

Craig Seeman of CD Electric gave an estimate for replacing the bulbs in the shop, outside lights and the cold storage back room with LED lightbulbs. Holstrom made a motion to do the outside lights and the cold storage back room for now. We have a box of lightbulbs for the shop to use up first. It was seconded by Baumgartner and carried.

Dave Holmgren got a quote on the new plow truck box from Bert’s Truck Equipment of Moorhead. It will have all the options wanted but don’t need vibrator. Quote was $23,172.05. Motion Roberts to go ahead with ordering it if the price is still valid. Seconded by Baumgartner and carried.

Quote on grader tires from Brian’s Repair and Tire Service for $2,422.94 for two new front tires put on. Motion made by Holstrom to accept, seconded by Baumgartner and carried.

Road issues were discussed. Gravel Specs were discussed. Motion made by Baumgartner to adopt the following gravel specs for the township roads.

Gravel Specs 2018: Approximately 2000-4000 yards Class 5 gravel based on the following specs:

Percent passing No. 200 sieve from 3-10. The binder, minus 200 sieve, shall be clay, not silt or black dirt. Proof is required that the rock be fractured.

It was seconded by Holstrom and carried.

Chloride treatment- Baumgartner will get estimates. The Twp. will pay ½ of the cost, like last year. It will not be placed until after the new gravel is put on. Will discuss more at next meeting after quotes are in.

The 2nd Board of Equalization will be on May 11, 2018 at the townhall from 9:00 am- 10:00am.

Holstrom gave the fire report. They need to approve and sign the new joint powers agreement when it is completed.  

With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 8:06 pm.

Respectfully submitted by


Brenda Hildebrand